Hope is not a strategy.

Hope is vital. Hope is important. We all need it.

Hope, however, is not a strategy for getting to the otherside of the next few weeks (months?) and having a strong business to return to. We need a strategy, not just hopes and wishes.

I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of closing my practice to patient care earlier this week. I couldn’t see a way through it. I was talking to my team about a temporary lay-off so that they would be eligible for unemployment. I don’t know about you but never in a million years in my successful practice did I see myself in this situation, having to make the decisions that I have had to make this week and I was COVERED in stress. Drowning in it.

Until I sat down to get my thoughts on paper and to brainstorm how I was going to lead my practice through this crisis (although now I’ve dubbed it the Coronavirus Extravaganza because it is less scary and more fancy.) When I started to brainstorm how to make it through this extravaganza I started to feel better. I started to feel less scattered with all the thoughts of what I needed to do and more in control.

Now I want to share that feeling of being in control with you so I am sharing my action plan.

I will be making updates to the information inside as this extravaganza moves forward. If you would like to receive word of those updates when they happen subscribe below.

More than anything else now is a time to remember that YOU are made of tough stuff and have made it through worse than this. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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