Joy is a choice.

I decided awhile back that to live my best life I wanted to choose joy on a daily basis. Sound weird? Well, I have been accused of being weird in the past… and I am totally ok with it.

It may sound a little weird to you that I think feeling joyful is a choice. I mean, it’s a thing that just happens, right?!

I don’t think so. I think that we get to decide. We may not get to choose what makes us feel joy, that one is actually fairly universal if you talk to experts (yes, there are joy experts… what a fabulous job that must be.) The part that is a choice is the part where we CHOOSE to look for joy in every circumstance, in every day.

Right now that may feel impossible, I mean we are living through some pretty heavy stuff and all we are experiencing is unprecedented in most of our lifetimes, so how can we possibly find joy… we MUST actively seek it out, grab onto it, refuse to let it go and then spread that stuff around like it is candy. Choose joy, then be the joy.

Need a little reminder to look and find it every day? Download one (or all) of these free phone wallpaper images I created to remind myself to do just that. Share them with someone you wanna pass a little joy onto and every time you open your phone think of something that brings you joy today.



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