5 Ways to Navigate Your Practice Through Crisis

It’s true that even now, almost 5 weeks for most of us, into the Coronavirus extravaganza (it sounds much fancier when I call it that) things are still changing daily.

It is still unclear exactly when we will get back to business, let alone business as usual. Will that even be a thing anymore? Maybe. But also maybe not. One thing is for sure, this experience has been like a roller coaster for most of us.

While there is no perfect list of things to do for all of us one thing is certain, we are all experiencing some level of crisis in our lives and in our practices. I’ve put together a list of 5 things you can be doing to lead your practice through this crisis and be moving FORWARD even when you are unsure of what forward looks like.

  1. Get into action. Yes, you should FEEL the emotions and are likely dealing with a lot of them surrounding this new normal. Go ahead and FEEL, but also DO. I don’t mean you have to fill every moment with action, you should make time for rest, and fun, and family time, and all the good things that we have more time for right now. But as we zero in on when we can get back to work now is the time for planning and action if we want our practices to survive and THRIVE once again.
  2. Commit to a routine. I don’t know about you but I have been real loosie goosie with my schedule the past 5 weeks. Wake up time is whenever it happens and bedtime has been pushed much later that it used to be. Which is all fine and good, but it’s gonna be a rude awakening when I have to start changing back to my old routine again. I plan to start edging my way back there now and maybe you should too.
  3. Clarify what practice is going to look like. Now is a great time to sit down with a blank piece of paper and start brainstorming what changes you need to implement and what practice is going to look like for the forseeable future. Start thinking of what the transition from just being back at all to being back to “normal” might look like. Will life follow your perfect plan? No way. But it will be easier to adjust a pivot if you have at least the backbone of a plan.
  4. Show up for your team. If you haven’t already been doing it now is the time to start having weekly, if not more often, virtual meeting with your team. Make them fun, have a theme, do happy hour… but get in front of them again and start showing up as the leader than you are. Frankly, even if you aren’t the “boss” you are still a leader just because you are the doctor. Time to jump back into being the leader that you are again.
  5. Maybe you are grappling with the idea of “selling” your products and services again. I get it. In times of crisis we tend to think, “How can I ask someone to spend their money?” but the easy answer is that we have products and services that help people in their daily lives. We help them be at their best and now is not the time to deny people what we offer.

Remember that you are a master problem solver. We solve problems every day and solving the problems that the Coronavirus crisis has dealt us in our businesses is no different. Now is the time to try new things and never, ever give up. No one is expecting perfection as we start back up, heck they never did. Your team, your community and your patients are looking for leadership, support and direction. Now is the time to be the leader that you are and give it to them. You’ve got it in you, I know you do. Get out there and show everyone what you’re made of!

Want to hear what my plans are for re-opening my practice in the coming weeks? Check it my conversation on Facebook Live.

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