What is working after the return to routine care.

As I started back to routine care in my office this week it was… well, a little different. That’s actually a bit of an understatement. It looked really different.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that I was exhausted at the end of each day and ready for the weekend for sure yesterday.

Overall it was great. We navigated the return as smoothly as I think we could expect, figured out some things that are working really well and some things that we want to tweak a bit. All in all I call it a success.

In this Facebook Live episode I am chatting all about our first week back to patient care after being closed for 7 weeks.

Here’s what I talk about:

  • [2:20] What scheduling looks like and what changes we’ve made to patient care.
  • [6:35] How I am feeling after being back for a week.
  • [7:45] Things we will be changing after this week going forward. What we have learned from week one.
  • [9:30] What we plan to do going forward to optimize the spread out schedule.
  • [11:30] Talking about the online patient intake forms we started using, how it works and what our process is like.
  • [18:45] I chat about other ways besides intake forms that we are using the system.

Watch the whole thing below then click here to get the free workflow to help you implement online forms in your office.

Links mentioned in this Live episode:

Have a great week, whether you are back to patient care or just getting ready for that day on the horizon!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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