I almost feel like I should introduce myself…

Ok, so, it has legit been a good bit of time since I was last in this space. Consistency… all of mine has been going towards getting my practice back up and running, and thriving, since the Coronavirus extravaganza of early Spring. (I’m gonna go ahead and guess that if you are a practice owner like me then that is where most of your brain power and energy has been focused too.)

So, here we are… seven months in to… well, whatever we are calling it now: The new normal? Practice with a twist?… and I am getting my head back above water and my thoughts have turned again to you.

How are you doing these days? What are your struggles looking like in this living history we are traversing? As I get back into this space I don’t want to be just more noise, but want to make sure that I am earning that super valuable thing called your attention. So, what do you need right now? I can’t wait to hear.

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